Top tips to look after your garden

With the summer now upon us, it’s the perfect time to look after your garden. Follow our simple tips to help make sure your garden stays tidy, clean and green.

  • Pull out weeds as they take away nutrients from other plants and make the area look untidy
  • Put out rubbish on collection day and don’t just leave it in the garden. In hot weather it will smell and attract pests like rats and cockroaches
  • Play outdoor games in a local park as you may make too much noise if you play in your garden
  • Remove dead plants as this will supports new flowering shoots and help new plants grow
  • Prune and trim overgrown plants, and sweep away dead plants and leaves
  • Water plants and flowers regularly because in the summer they’ll need more water than usual

Please remember that Catalyst looks after the communal green spaces around your home and it’s your responsibility to maintain your own garden.