Successful Big Lottery Grant of £499,078 for Leys CDI Youth Project ‘Vision Transition’

SONY DSCCatalyst supported, Oxford based charity Leys CDI has been successful in a bid to the Big Lottery Fund for a grant of £499,078.

The money will allow the Leys CDI Youth Project to continue and expand its innovative work with young people over the next four years It will provide youth-led social and educational activities, careers development and diversionary activities for young people aged 9-25 through the Leys CDI Vision Transition project.

Fabian Audifferen, age 16, and member of the Leys CDI Youth Management Committee said:

‘This grant will further motivate us to follow our dreams to reach life’s potential.’

Vision Transition is unique in that it provides support from the age of 9 up to the age of 25. By engaging with young people at the age of 9 the Leys CDI builds strong relationships and trust with individuals, their families and the wider community. The Vision Transition project continues an excellent programme of work developed through the previous Lottery-funded programme, YP2.

David Truesdale, Catalyst area director and trustees of the Leys CDI said:

‘Everyone has worked so hard to bring in this grant.  We are incredibly grateful to the Lottery for supporting the important work of the Leys CDI and delighted that our vibrant youth programme will be able to continue. The young people themselves have played a vital role in the preparation of this bid and will play a central role in the management of the Vision Transition project over the next four years.’

John Hayes from OCVA:

‘Congratulations to CDI. One of the most enjoyable bids I’ve ever worked on. Staff, volunteers and service users actively and intensively working and reworking the bid right up to final submission deadline. A high quality submission that accurately reflected the high quality work of CDI. Service user involvement in design, management and delivery. Well done CDI!’

The Leys CDI, founded in 1995, depends on grants and donations to work together with young people and over 50s to live healthier and happier lives. The charity works to create user-led activities and services to overcome poverty, remove barriers to participation and spark positive change for the benefit of its users and the Leys community.

The Leys CDI Youth Project includes every young person, aged 9-25, living on the Leys and in the Oxford area who wants to participate. The Leys CDI is enabling young people to reach their true potential. The Leys CDI invests in the future generation of tomorrow.

With the help of this grant many disadvantaged young people will improve their life opportunities through skills enhancement and improved engagement with partner agencies. By taking part in developmental, educational and volunteering activities with the Leys CDI young people gain self-confidence and higher aspirations, equipping them for an engaged and responsible adult life. Furthermore the Leys CDI works actively with young people involved in crime to reduce offending by offering skills development, positive motivation and enhanced life choices.