A star letter

We’ll be publishing a ‘star’ letter in each issue and the author will win a £50 shopping voucher. The star letter needs to be about a burning issue or question you have about your neighbourhood or our services (and it must be relevant to all or most Catalyst residents).

This is one of the improvements we’re making to Catalyst 4 You, our resident magazine. After speaking to you over the last few months here’s what we’re planning:

Keep on doing

  • Include stories about residents
  • Continue working with residents to produce the magazine
  • Carry on using bright, bold colours to capture people’s attention
  • Over the last six months we’ve been talking to residents about how we can improve Catalyst 4 You. Here’s what we’re planning.

New additions                             

  • A regular story focusing on older people
  • Resident feedback published
  • Details of upcoming Catalyst events