Hire the hub

WElshore residentsYou may have some great ideas to get residents involved but you may find that space can be a real problem! Don’t get cramped or pay over the odds for a venue, use the Welshore Community Hub in west Ealing.

Over ten older residents from across London found their way to the community hub for a coffee morning on Thursday 15 May. Residents made use of the versatile space to serve up teas, coffees and biscuits all while they nattered about how they could use the space for their own groups.

There were lots of ideas flying around the table. Some people were already thinking of moving their activities out of the makeshift gyms and meeting rooms and in to the brand new shop.

Ealing resident Yvonne Jeeves said: ‘The new community hub will be great. It will get residents out of their bubbles, keep them entertained and give them lots more to do!’

The community hub is open for Catalyst residents and local people to use for events, meetings and even celebrations.  To find out more about Welshore Community Hub email Christina Tom-Johnson at info@welshore.org.uk