Digging away the boredom

20140424_120757Residents from Ashiana House, Southall, dug away their boredom at a gardening day to celebrate a number of improvements made to the block. Residents wanted to make the most of the space they had around their building, so when they spoke to their neighbourhood manager, Candice North, and heard about the estate improvement fund, they were jumping with ideas.

Residents asked for somewhere to express their love of plants so we built areas where they could muddy their green fingers. We also widened paths and kept the old benches for the residents to enjoy the vibrant colours and fragrances of their new garden.

Before they could sit back or have a leisurely stroll they needed to fill the area with plants. Candice worked with our resident involvement team to organise a gardening day for the residents to start growing.

Ashiana Group internetSome of them were already seasoned veterans when it came to gardening and others had never sown a seed or planted a shrub. But, with the sun shining, they worked together and transformed the dull exterior of the building into a sea of vibrant colours. Some residents learnt a new skill while others enjoyed what they enjoy most.

If you have an idea that will improve your block for all residents, speak to your neighbourhood manager to find out how we could help. Please call 0300 456 2099 if you live in London or 0300 456 2090 if you live outside of London.