“Disappointing” – our reaction to today’s budget


Rod Cahill resizeRod Cahill, chief executive of Catalyst Housing said: “This country needs to massively up its game to get from its current level of housebuilding of 120,000 each year to 250,000 per year.

While the chancellor’s plans to build 15,000 new homes at Ebbsfleet and extend Help to Buy are welcome, there is still no sign of a comprehensive housing strategy. The chancellor hasn’t given us anything radical or long-term to boost the supply of new homes, or that will enable thousands of UK households to get on the property ladder.

“He talked about building ‘a resilient economy’, but doesn’t seem to recognise the vital role that providing decent, affordable housing would play in bringing this about – preferring instead to help savers and bingo players out. While he’s offered money to smaller housebuilders and self-builders, these alone do not have capacity needed to ‘get Britain building’. Catalyst stands ready to meet the housing supply challenge, but we’ve been given precious little to work with.  It’s a disappointing budget.”