Gateway to skilled apprentices – Catalyst Gateway launches scheme to support local employers

Against a backdrop of rising unemployment, Catalyst Gateway is using National Apprenticeship Week to launch a scheme to help local employers recruit skilled apprentices. Catalyst Gateway, our community development charity, is accredited to deliver crucial pre-apprenticeship training, offering lasting qualifications to people who are currently excluded from the job market, in addition to being accredited to deliver full apprenticeships in many specialisms.

The scheme underlines Catalyst’s commitment to increasing employment opportunities to local people in the areas in which we work.

Employers can work with Catalyst to design a bespoke scheme, Catalyst then finds potential employees and provide training on key employability skills as well as personalised training in areas of particular need.

This scheme builds Catalyst Gateways successful apprenticeship scheme which was launched last year. Catalyst has so far taken on around 10% of employees as apprenticeships for unemployed local people. The apprentices work in a wide variety of jobs including housing, business administration, customer service and youth work. Catalyst Gateway also managed apprenticeship requirements for our supply chain partners. This has lead to successful apprenticeships in everything from plumbing and administration to horticulture at contractors including Higgins, Just Ask, Morrison and Willmott Dixon.

Managing Director of Catalyst Gateway Leanne Baxter said:

‘At Catalyst we are committed to building strong communities and helping people build better futures. This scheme is a win win: Local unemployed people get training and qualifications to overcome barriers to getting a job and local businesses can get the quality staff they need’