Award winning P2P out on West London streets to tackle violence

Award winning youth engagement project Pathways 2 Progress is doing emergency outreach work on the streets of West London this week to help tackle the unrest hitting London.

Catalyst Gateway’s project, which provides mentoring and empowerment for young people at risk of involvement in serious crime, worked closely with local authorities in Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham to put together a specially tailored programme of activity.

Alongside face-to-face work they are using text messaging, social networking, debates and forums to reach out to the young people they work with. Rather than just seeing it as a quick fix, this work will continue over the coming months.

Youth Engagement Manager Twilight Bey said “The dreadful violence that we’ve seen in the last few days won’t solve any problems, even where young people have genuine concerns about the way they are treated by the police and the support they get from the Government. That’s why we’re working with young people to find constructive ways to turn around lives; not just this week but long term”

Led by Twilight Bey, who grew up in LA and mediated to end conflicts between major LA gangs, P2P has supported more than 600 young people to turn their lives around in Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. It has led to a 10% reduction in young people’s unsupervised hours – a key measure in assessing the success of projects to tackle anti-social behaviour. In the areas in which it operates, 68% of residents surveyed said that the scheme has a positive on them and their community and 55% of business felt that anti-social behaviour had decreased.