Improving your experience

Catalyst HG Oxford Nov 2013058

We’ve made a few changes to our processes to make things simpler and better for you:

Calling us

Calls to your neighbourhood manager will soon be redirected to our customer services centre. Staff at the centre are trained to answer the majority of your queries including those about repairs, rent and anti-social behaviour.

As neighbourhood managers will be spending more time in your communities, they will not always be available to immediately answer your questions. But if you require their assistance, our customer service centre will pass on a message and they’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

Writing to us

We’ve centralised all incoming post. So if you write to us, your correspondence including letters will be redirected to our head office in Ealing. Everything will then be scanned and sent electronically to the right person.

So, if you want to send anything to anyone at Catalyst or if you need to write to us, simply send it to our head office. Once scanned it will reach the right person within 24 hours. If you’ve already posted something to your local office, don’t worry – it will be redirected to our Ealing office.

New IT system

We’ve invested in a new IT system that will enhance the services we offer residents. A key feature includes allowing us to track your contact with us – whether it’s by phone, letter or even if you visit us. This makes it easier for us to help you as we can clearly see a history of your customer journey with us.

Our new system informs us immediately of who is dealing with a specific query, what stage it’s at and the when we’ll get back to you by. No matter who you speak to, you can be confident that they will have all the information they need to assist you.

Here is how you can contact us