Grow a greener home

You don’t need your own garden or allotment to get your green fingers grubby.

Growing flowers, fruits and vegetables in your home can be just as rewarding.

Here are our top tips for turning your home into a green oasis:

Reuse old containers instead of buying expensive pots. You can use empty coke bottles, yogurt pots and even plastic bags. Just put drainage holes at the bottom to let the excess water out and make sure you put them on a saucer or base.

Use composts specially designed for containers, as they have extra nutrients to get your plants going. Look out for packaging that says soil or loam-based composts, extra nutrients, plant food or water retaining granules.

Seeds need warmth rather than light to sprout. Start your pot somewhere warm and moist. Once the first shoots come through, move your plant somewhere with plenty of light, like your window sill.

Plants like their own space. Try not to put too many seeds in one pot. If you want to put different plants into one container, check that they are compatible – ask your local garden centre or look on the internet.

Check the soil moisture daily. You need to give your plants the right amount of water. Sticking your finger in the soil is a good way to tell if it’s getting enough water. It should be moist all the way through.

Indoor plants can make your home more inviting, clean the air and even improve your health. So plant your seeds and watch them flourish.