Burglars in Brent beware!

We’ve been working Brent Police to protect your properties, prevent burglaries, track stolen property and link suspects to crime scenes.

The London borough of Brent have been trialling new SmartWater kits in the Church End area and have handed out nearly 1000 kits to residents. Officers have been making door-to-door visits to hotspot areas offering people the free kits and helping them mark their property.

SmartWater is almost impossible to wash off and can only be seen under ultraviolet light. It contains a unique “fingerprint” that lets the police track stolen items back to its owner and place a suspect at a crime scene.

As well as working with you, police have given special UV torches to pawn brokers and jewellers to help identify stolen property.

Project Lead, Detective Sergeant Madeline Ryder said: “We have worked closely with Catalyst Housing to ensure that any vulnerable tenants are provided with a SmartWater kit and offered extra assistance to mark their property.”

She added: “This has been well received by residents and to date we have issued just under 1000 kits.  We have also seen year on year burglaries in the hotspot areas reduce on average by 84%.

We intend to use the product  more widely over the next few months and the use of  SmartWater together with other tactics such as trap houses and cars sends a clear message to any thieves that Brent is a no go area.”

If you are a victim of or witness anti-social behaviour, report it immediately.