Apprentice week: Kadir Hussen

We caught up with Kadir Hussen, a Catalyst apprentice, turned full time employee for apprentice week! Kadir’s journey into employment began nearly two years ago when he found his feet drawn to a Catalyst Gateway open day, where he learned about the apprentice scheme.

With the help of Catalyst Gateway, Kadir was successfully able to apply for an apprenticeship with Catalyst’s income team. He was then really impressed with the training and support he received while on his apprenticeship.  Kadir stressed that ‘Gateway supported me to get the training and skills I needed to work in housing. While I was focused on working for the income team I was also able to complete the CIH level 2 Diploma in Housing.’

When another opportunity presented itself, Kadir successfully applied for a position in customer services. He felt that the knowledge he had gained through his housing diploma put him in the perfect place to progress further. Kadir said ‘the placement gave me the experience that I needed. The diploma helped me better understand housing and gave me the skills which opened up other avenues’.

Kadir has now been working with Catalyst for more than 18 months. He exclaimed that the apprenticeship ‘kick-started’ his career but Catalyst Gateway’s support allowed him ‘grow and improve every step of the way’.

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