Getting fit for free at Westcott Park

Residents of Westcott Park are able to keep fit for free with a new open air gym.

A specialist was on hand to teach potential fitness fanatics how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Nine pieces of equipment are available from launch, each one designed to work out a different area of the body, creating a complete well-rounded workout.

Catalyst Gateway consulted with members of the community and found there was a strong desire for people to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. However this was proving difficult as Westcott Park Garden was isolated with few local amenities such as health centres and gyms.

With the help of Catalyst Gateway a proposal for an outdoor gym was taken to the East Acton Ward Forum where councillors and members of the public endorsed the project. Eventually the project was awarded £16,102 to buy and install the gym.

This new gym complements the Westcott Park Garden which celebrated its first birthday last October. This is a beautiful community space which is being used by voluntary groups to grow their own food, produce honey and eggs and organise social events. Catalyst Gateway and Groundwork London are also using the garden to deliver training in gardening, conservation and livestock rearing.

Helen Cantrell, managing director of Catalyst Gateway said:

“ We all know having an active and healthy lifestyle is important, but it’s not always easy to find the motivation. Having this equipment on people’s door steps will remove that barrier and encourage people to get the exercise they need.”