Changes to parking in Brent

Clamping vehicles on private land became illegal last year. To help us manage the parking around our homes in Brent, we have employed Wing Parking (a parking enforcement company).

Wing Parking will:

  • Take pictures of unauthorised parked vehicles
  • Issue on the spot parking tickets
  • Contact you if you don’t pay your fine

Catalyst residents who are allowed to park in our neighbourhoods should have a Catalyst parking permit. If you’re not using the right permit, you may get a parking ticket. To check if you have the right permit, please contact your neighbourhood manager or come to our office with your permit.

We’ve also had some reports that residents are giving their visitors’ parking permits to family or friends. These people then park on your streets all day, every day. Please don’t do this. It’s unfair on the residents who live in your neighbourhood and it increases traffic on your streets.