Most leases are granted for a period of 99 or 125 years. As the leaseholder you will own your property for the fixed period of time stated in your lease.

When the remaining term drops below 80 years it may be more
difficult to re-sell your home as Lenders are often unwilling to offer
mortgages on properties with insufficient years remaining.

We are able to help you extend your lease through two routes;
the voluntary route or the statutory route.

Catalyst are not always the freeholder of your building and in these circumstances the process will be more complicated. However, we will review the ownership of the building when we receive your notice or request with the required payment.

You may wish to obtain a valuation of your home from, a RICS accredited surveyor, to get an indication of the cost (premium) you will pay for the extension.

The lease advice website also offers a lease extension calculator to give you an indication of costs.

Statutory route

If you are a Leaseholder or shared owner and you have stair-cased to 100% you are able to extend your lease by a further 90 years through a statutory process, providing you meet certain criteria set out below:


  • You must have been the leaseholder for a minimum of two years.
  • The lease is not for a commercial or business property.
  • The lease must have been granted for more than 21 years.

To start the statutory process you will need to serve a notice on Catalyst.We recommend you seek independent legal advice to help you as the process can be complicated.

Voluntary route

Catalyst also offer voluntary lease extensions, which means you do not need to serve a statutory notice and you do not need to own 100% of the shares in your home.


The costs incurred by Catalyst for lease extensions are recoverable from the home owner and these are:


  1. £125-£175 to process your request for a lease extension
  2. valuation fees
  3. legal costs incurred
  4. the premium for the lease extension

You will also need to pay for your own legal and valuation

Please contact us if you would like to discuss extending your lease.