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What happens during an electrical safety test?

To start with, our contractors will disconnect the electricity to your home: this will be done for a short period of time and should not affect your appliances, or your fridge-freezer. However, if you do have any special equipment that requires continuous supply, such as a medical appliance, please let us know as soon as you receive the appointment request, so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Then the contractors will inspect the fuse board and carry out tests on the wiring, sockets and switches. If they come across anything that is considered dangerous ( such as a broken switches, etc.) this will be fixed on the day.

Anything that is not immediately dangerous but needs rectifying will be booked for repairs on a follow-on appointment.

The contractors will also check that the various safety alarms are fully operational – they may replace some, if needed (for example if you have battery operated fire alarms, they will replace them with hard wired ones).


How long will it take?
Between one hour and four hours, depending on the work that needs to be done. For example they may need to move furniture, replace faulty equipment or install hard-wired alarms.

If there are works required that cannot be accommodated on the day, then a follow on appointment will be arranged.


Do I need to keep a certificate?
There is no need for you to worry about certificates: Catalyst manages the entire process and keeps records of all necessary documentation.
You can request a copy if you wish.

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