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What should I do if I smell gas?

If you smell gas, or suspect a gas leak in your home, please follow the two step process below:

Step 1

  1. Do not touch any electrical switches, or operate any electrical devices, as they may cause a spark.
  2. Shut off the gas supply if it is safe to do so. This can be done from the emergency control valve (ECV) which is normally located close to the gas meter.
  3. Put out all naked flames.
  4. Open all doors and windows.
  5. Leave the property.

Step 2

Once it is safe to do so, call Cadent (National Grid) on 0800 111 999 so that they can assist with your emergency.

If Cadent have attended and have shut off your gas supply you will need to have a gas engineer attend the property to fix the issue.

  • If you rent your home from us, please call 0300 456 2099 and select option 1 for repairs.
  • If your property is leasehold or shared ownership, it is your responsibility to contact a gas safe qualified engineer.
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