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What do I do if I have no electricity in my property?

So that we can try and resolve this problem, please consider the following first:

Have you checked your fuse box?

  • Were you using an appliance at the time the electricity went off? If so, have you checked your fuse box to see if a trip has switched?
  • Sometimes a fault with an appliance can cause a switch to trip on the fuse box. In these cases it’s helpful to carry out an appliance test.

Are payments up-to-date?

  • If you pay your electric on a meter, please check that you have credit on the meter.
  • If you pay your electricity bill to a supplier, please check all payments up to date.

Do you know if your neighbours have also lost power?

If you’ve lost power to all your home and not just parts of it, find out if your neighbours have also been affected.

For instance, if an electricity supplier is carrying out works in an area it can on occasion, cause a sudden loss in power. In these cases, contact the electricity supplier to establish when power will return.

If the above doesn’t apply, contact us to arrange an appointment by calling 0300 456 2099 or emailing

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