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How do I request a major adaptation?

If you are a leaseholder you will need to get our approval before any works can be done to your property:

For further information please email us at or call us on 0300 456 2099

If you rent your home from us, you will need to request the adaptation as follows:

Please send us a request with a supporting letter from your occupational therapist at your local authority, outlining what works are recommended for you. Please address it to to the maintenance team administrator, either by email to or by post to Catalyst Housing, Ealing Gateway, 26–30 Uxbridge Road,  London W5 2AU.

What happens after I made the request?

If the recommended work costs more than 2,000, asset management can support you in applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant. (DFG) from the local authority to help fund the cost of the major adaptation work.

In what circumstances would a request for an adaptation be refused?

We’ll only refuse an alteration or adaptation if there is a good reason, for example, where its not physically possible to alter the property in the requested way or if an adaptation would present a health and safety risk. In this situation we’ll work with you and/or your occupational therapist to consider options such as suitable alternative accommodation.

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