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My water bills are high, what can I do?

Firstly you need to check if you have a leak, and if so report a repair online, or by calling us on 0300 456 2099.

If you don’t have any leaks and feel that your water bills are too high (the average water bill in the UK is £385 per year) there are a few things that you can do:

  • If you are on rateable billing (fixed rate) it may be cheaper to switch to a water meter.
  • With a water meter you will be charged for the water that you use. It’s free and could save you money.

Please note that if you wish to install a water meter, you will require authorisation  from Catalyst if the meter is to be installed within the boundaries of Catalyst land (you do not require permission for meters installed in the pavement).

To find out if it’s worth switching, check the water meter calculator tool from the Consumer Council for Water. 

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