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What is the three-way mutual exchange process and how does this work?

If you are exchanging with residents from other housing associations, or local authorities:

You can request a mutual exchange form from us and you will need to obtain details from the two residents that you are swapping with in order to complete the form.

Once we have received the completed form from you we have 42 days in which to liaise with the landlords of the two other residents and complete our verification process.

If all three residents are from Catalyst:

In this instance, each resident is responsible for requesting an individual mutual exchange form from Catalyst and for providing details to each other in order to complete their form.

Each resident will return their completed form to us and upon receipt  we will have 42 days in which to carry out the verification process for each resident.

To request a mutual exchange form you can email us or call us on 0300 456 2099.

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