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What if I have an equity loan and have made improvements to my property?

Whether or not you are intending to repay the loan it is always advisable to register improvements to avoid possible delays when it comes to future repayments. 

When you submit a request to repay your equity loan, please tell us about any improvements you’ve made to the property.

If you’ve already registered your improvements with us, you can then show your valuer the Certificate of Registered Improvements issued by us. When issuing the report they will include two valuation figures, one with the improvements included and one without.

Please note if the improvements have not been registered with Catalyst they will not be taken into consideration.  If you’ve not told us about your improvements you’ll need to contact us for an information pack to register them.

For further information please call us on 0300 456 2099 and ask to speak to the Home Ownership Approvals Team or email us.

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