We aim to let you know about any works or changes coming up well in advance – but sometimes there will be dates we can’t fix or events we can’t foresee. With text and email, we can let you know about these things as soon as we do.

We’ll only ever email or text you with alerts about works at Havelock that we couldn’t tell you about in advance, and that may directly affect you.

Data protection

Catalyst takes its data protection responsibilities seriously. We collect, store and process data in line with data protection law. To find out more about why we are collecting your personal information and how we use it please read our Privacy Statement.

We won’t share the details you provide in this sign-up form with any third parties. You’ll be able to opt out of the messages at any time by clicking the opt-out link in any of the alert emails. This opt-out will cover updates on the works, but not any other promotions or communications you may have signed up for from Catalyst, or the operational messages you’ll receive from us if you’re a customer.

Unless you opt out, we’ll store and use the data as described above for three years. When the three years is up, we’ll give you the opportunity to renew your consent.

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