Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to championing and celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion and we’re proud of the diversity of the communities we serve and the people we employ.

How we aim to provide inclusive services for our customers

We make sure that colleagues receive appropriate training to help them support customers with particular needs.

We co-create services with customers and colleagues so that we understand them from your perspective and how our different customers may experience them.

We listen to customers’ needs and use your feedback to influence the services we provide.

Our customer engagement activities are open to all and we do all we can to remove any barriers that might prevent you participating, including offering a range of methods of involvement.

We work to consider your requirements in relation to your responsibilities, to provide a flexible service.

We don’t make assumptions about whether you require any adjustments or what those adjustments should be. We discuss your requirements with you and agree with you the best way to meet your needs.

We deliver our services and communications in a clear and accessible way that is easy to understand and meets customers’ needs.

If you require information or communication in alternative formats, such as other languages or large print, you can contact us to request this.

If you ask us to, we will communicate with you through a representative, advocate or family member.

We provide informal interpreting through colleagues with language skills who volunteer to help. We’ll use a professional translation service if translation is needed for legal or sensitive issues.

We will translate written documents on request where it is practical and cost effective. If we’re unable to provide your preferred method or format, we’ll make sure that you understand the information provided by using an alternative where needed, such as audio format.

For customers who are deaf or have hearing impairments we can provide on request:

  • British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation (via professional interpretation services)
  • Text Relay (Next Generation Text)
  • Induction Loops in main offices.

We provide easy read formats for supported housing key documents. Other easy read documents may be produced and made available on request.

Other examples of adjustments we might make to support you

  • Providing documents or correspondence in a larger font size, with a minimum of Arial 16
  • Providing documents on coloured paper or with a specific colour contrast
  • Providing information in an audio format
  • Using email or phone instead of hard copy letters where possible.

As long as there are no legal requirements that set a certain deadline, we’ll be flexible about the timescales for a process if a customer requires it due to their circumstances. For example, accepting a complaint outside of the usual time limit if a customer has been ill.

If you’d like to find more about how we meet our inclusion commitments for colleagues and customers please
download our full Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy – PDF 174 KB