Product selection

We researched a wide range of guidance and practical advice before making specification choices. This included:

The team selected materials compatible with pre-1919 construction methods as well as the existing fabric of the buildings. They considered issues such as thermal bridging and interstitial condensation.

Where possible we sourced labour and materials locally to reduce the project’s carbon footprint and to make it possible to replicate measures elsewhere. We chose not to import products even when those products would have produced marginally better energy performance. It would just not be financially viable to import items such as expensive windows, with only a marginally better performance, for use across our housing stock.

One of the project’s requirements was the publication of an ‘open book’ account of how we selected energy-related measures and agreed their final specification. To do this we produced a specification decision-making matrix.

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Find out more about the specification decision-making matrix and how we scored the matrices.