How we assessed CO2 emissions

We carried out carbon assessments of both houses using specialist software

Carbon assessments were made using NHER Plan Assessor software. This allowed us to predict carbon and fuel cost reductions brought about by specific measures. While we monitor the two homes their performance will be compared with the predicted estimates.

As both properties were empty before the work started, SAP models (Standard Assessment Procedure) were built to provide the baseline data on the energy performance and fuel costs associated with both buildings.

Calculations included the estimated annual energy costs for space and water heating, lighting and the annual COemissions from the buildings.

Once we finished the software models, we added data showing the proposed energy-related measures such as fabric insulation, heating systems and microgeneration technologies. The software then calculated projected COsavings for each measure.

In accordance with United House’s value carbon methodology, the cost of installing each proposed energy efficiency measure was obtained and the £/kgCO2/year was calculated.

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