Preserving architectural features

Both homes were constructed before 1919 and contain historical features and architectural details which were retained.

Although these homes are not in a conservation area all, or most, of the energy-related works done could be replicated in homes that are.


Internal wall insulation was used everywhere, except for the rear addition of cost house. Although this does slightly reduce room size, it does not affect the appearance of the house.

External wall insulation was used to insulate the back addition of cost house as this is not visible from the road. Installing internal wall insulation here would have made these rooms too small.

Solar panels

The roof orientation of performance house presented a particular challenge.

Solar photovoltaic panels will only perform optimally when fixed to a roof facing between south-east and south-west. The front elevation section of the roof on this house was the only section that faced south. So instead of panels we used photovoltaic tiles that blended in with the roof slates. This was a more expensive option and whether acceptable in a conservation area would depend on the local authority.