Sustainable business

Here is how we have been spending our money in order to reduce our impact on the planet.


During 2014/15 in our head office in Ealing we:

  • invested in new LED lights which reduced lighting costs by 20–60%
  • installed light sensors, which ensure that lights are not left on all weekend or overnight.

Office carbon

During the 2014/15, our SHIFT assessment (the sustainable standard for housing) stated:

Catalyst’s offices achieved the smallest carbon footprint ever of any of the members of Sustainable Homes. Catalyst emitted 25 tCO₂ per m² across all offices – seen as the benchmark for low carbon offices.”


During 2014 we stated we would investigate the possibility of supplying our offices with energy from 100% renewable sources. So in 2015 we achieved 100% renewable energy supply for our London offices. By 2016 we aim to have all of our offices supplied exclusively by renewable energy.

We’ll continue to reduce our utility costs by now focusing on the amount of water we use as a business in 2016.

Paper and waste

This year we:

  • introduced WeBuy – a paperless billing system for our suppliers.  This has significantly reduced the amount of paper we use and process
  • provided new recycling bins. We’ve reducing the number of bins, improving their look and made it easier for our teams to recycle in the office
  • launched the first Prinitng Premier League between August and November 2015. The purpose of this initiative was to see which Catalyst team used the least amount of paper. Our day centres just pipped the South East office to the top spot and helped save paper along the way.

Specifications on new homes

We now specify that all light bulbs in our new developments are LED. This reduces our customer’s service charges and cuts lighting costs by up to 85%.