Our neighbourhoods

Snap Your Bill

We launched our Snap Your Bill service in August 2015 – the first of a kind by a housing association.

Residents with a smartphone could take a ‘snap’ of their energy bill and email us to see if they could get a cheaper tariff by switching energy supplier. The average saving through Snap Your Bill has been around £200.

Big Energy Saving Network

We were awarded £5,000 from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to run a Big Energy Saving Network in our Ealing, Brent and South East communities. The project involves training 40 colleagues so they can advise over 100 of our most vulnerable residents on how to switch energy suppliers as well as save energy and money.

So far over 40 volunteers have been trained and we have engaged with over 200 people, giving bespoke advice to 50, with the biggest saving being over £500 per year.

Fuel Poverty and Sustainability Fund

We set up the Fuel Poverty and Sustainability Fund so we could help residents make small changes to their behaviour that will have a big impact on their bills.

We use the fund to pay for installing small measures in people’s homes such as radiator panels, moisture catchers and LED bulbs. It also acts as a fund of last resort if people have run into problems paying their bills.