Sustainability Annual Report 2015

Our approach to sustainability focuses on:

  • Being a sustainable business: being sustainable is key to our business. We believe if we practice what we preach, our customers are more likely to follow our approach.
  • Building and managing sustainable homes: we will develop and refurbish homes to make sure they are resilient, resource efficient and provide the highest levels of quality and comfort.
  • Our communities: we want our neighbourhoods to enjoy a quality environment and who we make a difference to.
  • Enabling individuals to be sustainable: we will be working to ensure our customers, and that they can rely on their community, Catalyst and each other.

Carbon footprint

Last year our carbon footprint fell by 25%. The warm winter meant that our maintenance contractors had to carry our fewer emergency visits, therefore reducing the amount of mileage and fuel used.

Read more about how we’ve reduced our carbon footprint.

Sustainable business

We have been carefully spending our money in order to reduce our impact on the planet.

Find out how we have been doing this.

Our neighbourhoods

We have launched a range of initiatives to help our residents reduce the amount of energy they use and become sustainable communities.

Read more about how we’re helping our residents save money.

What’s next?

Next year we’re hoping to me even more sustainable so we can make a tangible, positive impact on the environment.

Find out more about our plans for the coming year.