We place sustainability at the heart of our business, with the creation of sustainable communities a core objective within our corporate strategy.

We have set ourselves key targets in reducing carbon emissions, implementing effective waste management strategies, increasing awareness and promoting sustainable behaviour change for both residents and staff.

Our approach is divided into three key areas:

  • sustainable homes
  • sustainable communities
  • sustainable business

Our focus has been upon sustainable transport, our supply chains and the reduction of energy use and waste.

Sustainability annual report 2017/18

Our 2017/18 Sustainability annual report details the progress that we have made in the last financial year against our targets.

Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow (SHIFT)


We achieved Gold in our 2018 SHIFT assessment, which benchmarks our progress in sustainability. We also won the following awards at the 2018 Sustainable Homes SHIFT awards:

  • Sustainable Housing Provider of the Year
  • Sustainable New Build Project of the Year
  • Highly Commended for Resident Engagement Project on Sustainable Living

The SHIFT benchmarking highlighted our performance in:

• actively engaging employees on issues such as energy, waste and transport

• diverting 100% of office waste from landfill

• giving residents advice on energy, food waste and water efficiency

We joined SHIFT in 2008, entering at bronze standard and achieved gold in just four years.

How we’re reducing our environmental impact

Better homes

We have made a number of commitments towards building and maintaining better, greener homes and sustainable communities.

The Greenway, our flagship sustainable development, has won a number of awards.

Better service

We want to help our customers deal with the changing climate and ever increasing utility prices.

Better future

We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and support a better and more sustainable future for our residents, our communities and our employees.


Our sustainability policy and strategy

Download copies of our sustainability policy and strategy:

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