Portobello Square Bullet Point Briefing: the latest on the regeneration

In the past month

  • Work has continued to prepare for the realignment of the link road between Portobello Road and Wornington Road, to create Murchison Gardens. The installation of drainage next to Chesterton House has been delayed due to obstructions in the ground, and will continue in the new year.
  • We have begun forming the new ramp at the back of Paul House. This will provide new access to the Rendle House bin store.
  • The new footpath and garden areas of Bond Mansions are complete. Internal inspections and finishes on the new homes are continuing.
  • Members of the regeneration team visited the Youth Action Alliance to talk about the proposals for Phase 3.
  • The Wornington Green Community Group held a Christmas Party for Wornington Green & Portobello Square on Friday 6 December at the Venture Centre, supported by Catalyst.

In the next month

  • Works will be completed on section two of Athlone Gardens. There are some wet areas of grass that we may need to cordon off to prevent damage, until they are given a chance to dry out. The drinking fountain in the first section will be connected in February next year.
  • United Living will continue work on the new footpath and steps to Katherine House, to prepare for the closure of the link road to create Murchison Gardens.
  • The link road between Portobello Road and Wornington Road will close for the realignment works, and be protected with hoarding. The road will no longer be accessible by car, but the footpath next to Chesterton House will remain open.
  • Over the Christmas period, United Living will finish on site on 23 December, and return on 2 January.
  • We will carry out final internal inspections and finishes on the new homes at Bond Mansions.
  • The Rehousing Team will continue to work with residents moving into their new homes, and will write to residents before Christmas to update them on their move dates. The team will also be providing support in the lead up to these moves.