FAQs on South Kilburn

Your questions answered on the regeneration of South Kilburn,

How will access around the sites be restricted?

Alpha Place

The entry into Alpha Place will remain unchanged. Residents’ vehicle access to the car park between Gorefield and Alpha House will stay the same until the final external works to the Cambridge / Wells site are finished. Construction traffic entering the site via Alpha Place will be directed onto site by Willmott Dixon gate-men. This will help ease any traffic congestion. Construction deliveries will also be told about peak usage times for residents, including information on school drop off/pick up times.

Gorefield Place

The entry into Gorefield Place will remain in use during the demolition stage as a shared access site. This will allow the existing car park between Canterbury Court and Gorefield House to remain. While demolition is underway, a new link road will be put in place from Chichester Road to the existing car park. This will allow residents continued access to the existing car park following the permanent closure of Gorefield Place. All construction traffic will be directed by Willmott Dixon gate-men. Maps showing access around the sites and where the hoarding will be erected will be put up around the estate and in our newsletter.

How will parking be dealt with during the building works?

We understand parking is a real issue for residents. We do expect there to be a reduction in demand as the existing blocks of flats are vacated. We have also changed our plans to keep some of the parking areas open. We will keep this issue under review to make sure we minimise any inconvenience to you.

What will happen about the loss of public open space and play areas?

Although you will lose some public open spaces at the start of the building work, we will make sure that the new areas are finished as soon as possible. We will keep residents up-to-date on the progress of the landscaping works for the garden to be shared with Thames Court.

What about safe routes for pedestrians?

We’ll make sure there are safe places to walk and pedestrian routes are clearly marked out and well lit. In some areas, we’ll use traditional painted hoarding with lighting. On boundaries close to people’s homes we will, where possible, use Heras fencing covered with an opaque sheet to reduce the loss of light.

Can the builders avoid doing works on Cathedral Walk at the same time as the Cambridge / Wells site?

We will liaise with the Brent Council to try and make sure that our works are coordinated with the planned works to Cathedral Walk so we can minimise disruption.

Can you change the building design?

We have to build the scheme that Brent Council has got planning consent for. So the size, height and layouts are set.

How will you demolish buildings? What will you do to make sure it is carried out safely and dust is kept to a minimum?

Willmott Dixon operates a strict health and safety regime which is closely monitored. Specialist contractors will be appointed to carry out the works and will carry out the demolition in a controlled manner to reduce noise and dust.

How will the asbestos be removed safely?

Willmott Dixon will employ a specialist asbestos removal contractor to carry out surveys on the vacant properties due for demolition. Once we have a survey report Willmott Dixon will work out a plan for removing the asbestos safely. Only after that will the demolition begin.

When will building work start?

The start date is dependent on getting the existing buildings vacated. This programme is being led by the Council and we will be working closely with them to ensure that as the properties are vacated, the sites are secured. You should start to see hoardings erected around the sites before buildings are prepared for demolition.

How will residents be kept informed?

We realise that since planning consent was granted you haven’t received very much information. Catalyst has only recently been selected to carry out this regeneration work so we are in the early planning stages. We will be keeping you informed in a number of ways:

  • We will send you regular newsletters
  • We will have monthly meetings where you can come and meet representatives from Catalyst and Willmott Dixon – and ask any questions, raise any concerns or just find out what’s happening
  • We will make sure that we will give you notice when works such as road changes will be taking place

Willmott Dixon will be recruiting a resident liaison officer specifically for South Kilburn – to keep you in touch with what’s going on. We will tell you more about this in the next newsletter. If you are interested in applying for this post, please contact Lorraine Lane (on the phone number below) for more information

Who do I contact about the building works?

If you have any questions about the scheme or the building works please contact Lorraine Lane, Community Liaison Manager at Willmott Dixon on 07813 023437.