FAQs on Mill Farm

Find the answer to questions you may have on the regeneration of Mill Farm (Harrow).

What compensation am I entitled to if my home is demolished?

The 1973 Land Compensation Act sets out the compensation that home owners should receive if they are forced to move by regeneration. You should receive the market value for your home. This is the price that you could get on the open market if there was no redevelopment.

Resident owners (who have lived in the property for the previous year) with at least three years left on the lease will also receive a home loss payment of an extra 10% of the market value up to a maximum of £47,000. Non-resident owners are entitled to a payment of 7.5% of the valuation.

If you are a resident leaseholder and move into a new home on the estate you can claim a disturbance payment to cover reasonable costs of moving, such as solicitors’ fees and removal costs. Disturbance costs for non-resident leaseholders might include payment of any mortgage penalties for terminating the current mortgage on the property and legal costs.

Catalyst has offered to pay market value plus a home loss payment of 10% to all leaseholders whether they are resident or not.

What happens if I live in the flat I own and cannot afford to buy a new home?

At the moment Catalyst has promised to offer all resident leaseholders who want to remain on the estate an equivalent new property. As the value of this property will be greater than that of your existing property, Catalyst has offered to provide a fixed equity loan for the difference in value. No interest would be payable on this loan but Catalyst will have a legal charge on your new home, expressed as a percentage of value. This would need to be repaid as a percentage of the value at the time you sell your home in the future. Any change in value would increase or decrease in proportion with the shares owned by you and Catalyst.

When can I move into my new home?

You will be given a written estimate of your move-in date which will be updated if they are any delays. You will be given a firm move-in date two weeks beforehand so you can make appropriate plans.

Who arranges the removals?

This will be arranged by the Higgins Construction administrator based in the site office.

When will I receive my homeloss payment?

Your neighbourhood manager will ensure you are given a cheque for the agreed amount (minus rent arrears) one week after you move into your new home.

How do I confirm the date I would like to have my handyman visit?

You can book this through Les Warren, your community development adviser, as soon as your move-in date has been confirmed.

How do I arrange disconnection and reconnection of my electricity and gas?

You can arrange this through Les Warren, Community Development Adviser, as soon as your move in date has been confirmed.

How will I know how to operate all the equipment in my new home?

On the day you move in you will be given a residents’ manual covering all the information you need so you canse your appliances. Either on your move-in day, or shortly afterwards, a Catalyst new customer support officer will visit you to offer any help you need and make sure you are clear about how everything works.