Friary Park Bullet Point Briefing: the latest on the regeneration

In the last month…  

  • Disconnection of services, installation of hoarding and soft strip demolition all finished in February  

  • Dust, noise and vibration monitors have been set up around the perimeter of the site  

  • A robust pest control plan has been developed for the site area during the demolition process  

  • Demolition of empty homes on Phase 1a began at the start of March, and we sent residents of Friary Park and the local area an information sheet in February with details of what to expect.  

  • Temporary site offices and staff welfare facilities have been added to the site  

  • A new bin store has been added for 29-52 The Drive  

  • We have begun the removal of foundations and any unknown ground obstructions before future piling works  

  • Friary Park Community Centre is still closed to the general public; however, we’ve worked to get the centre Covid-19 secure to allow essential activities to take place. Both activities running are by appointment only, and are not drop in 
    – Delve meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 4:30pm and attendance needs to be pre-booked. For more information please contact Nuria Rodriguez on 0300 456 2099 or  
    – Stay & Play runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am for children under 5 and their carers. Sessions need to be pre-booked with Michelle Smith, by calling 020 8743 7128 

  • A Catalyst resident in West London has launched an online community school for free tutoring for young people from Ealing every Saturday, 10am – 12pm. Sessions are available online for GCSE and A-Level tuition, for more information visit the website here or email 

In the next month…

  • We will be continuing with demolition work on empty homes in Phase 1a 

  • In April we will be preparing for piling work – this involves pouring concrete to form the foundation for new homes 

  • One 50-tonne concrete crusher will crush all hard material into a foundation for the frame of the new homes  

  • A new dropped kerb will be added to Friary Road to help vehicles coming in and out of the site  

  • The number of workers on site will increase to 25  

  • The next issue of the Park Views newsletter will be released, which contains lots of information on demolition over the next few months, answers to key questions residents have been asking and much more 

  • Our pest control company will continue to monitor the demolition site, and security guards will continue to patrol the site area out of hours  

  • We are preparing for the next All Resident virtual meeting on 28 April at 6:30pm. Residents on the Friary Park estate can sign up by emailing 

  • The partnership team are launching a Common Place website to provide residents with a hub of information about their estate and opportunities to continue engaging on our plans for the estate 

  • Makers & Mentors – Mount Anvil have partnered with the GLA to create a skills, learning and networking-based initiative for those interested in a career in construction and development. To find out more visit the Mount Anvil website here  

  • Catalyst is running a digital inclusion project to help residents use online platforms and feel more digitally confident. Our Digital Champions can help residents from those with no digital knowledge whatsoever, to those who just need help getting used to a new platform like Zoom. For more information email 

  • Employment support  Residents who have an interview coming up & need some help to prepare can now book an appointment to speak to one of our employment and skills advisors within 24 hrs via the Catalyst web form here under the ‘Speak to an advisor’ tab  

  • We are delivering free online Yoga classes on Saturday mornings 10 – 11am, open to all residents Email for more information. 

  • We are running weekly virtual coffee catch ups. These are open to all Friary Park residents and are a great place to meet neighbours, teammates and chat about what’s going on. The digital inclusion team can also offer residents a helping hand setting up the video call software. For any further information about the coffee catch ups, please contact Keisha at or Sola at