Sites we want to buy

We are keen to buy land where we can build quality affordable homes.

We provide new affordable homes in a number of different ways – including acquiring land where we can build new and sustainable communities.

With substantial resources available and a firm financial basis we’re particularly interested in sites in the areas where we work and in adjacent locations.

We would also be interested in significant development opportunities in other areas, where there is potential for over 200–300 units. We will consider any site with development potential.

How we work

We have substantial experience in land purchase and a strong track record of working with a range of partners and other agencies.

We will work:

  • with landowners to help gain viable planning consent
  • in partnership to share the outright sale risk if this is attractive to landowners/developers
  • with partners on section 106 schemes or outright purchase
  • on both conditional and unconditional purchases in terms of planning and also grant funding
  • on large-scale regeneration projects, where we can build on our award-winning record in regeneration schemes.

Contact our Land team

If you have land to sell or would like to find out more about the kind of sites we’d like to buy, please contact the land team.