St. Augustine Way, Oxford

Located on the site of the former St Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic school this development has a total of 74 flats and houses.

A key feature of the site is its location on the edge of the former village of Iffley, on the outskirts of Oxford. Over the years Iffley has slowly been absorbed into the city, yet it retains its own distinct character and strong community identity.There are excellent transport links into Oxford.

The traditionally constructed housing has two cul-de-sacs flanked by two-storey houses and a three-storey block of flats on the main estate road, creating separate courtyard spaces for the properties.

With no real differences between the appearance of the private and affordable housing this new housing is an attractive mix of red brick, cream render and slate roofs.

The affordable housing element of St Augustine Way was constructed for Catalyst by Leadbitter Construction and the £1.6m contract completed within budget in September 2008.