Developer panels

Catalyst is on two developer panels: the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) London Development Panel which covers London, and the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) Delivery Partner Panel 2 (DPP2), covering the rest of the country.

The HCA panel (DPP2)

  • Panel membership consists of a range of national and regional housebuilders, registered providers who undertake development, and organisations that work as contactors as well as developers. The panel members were selected on their ability to deliver housing on public sector land in the current market
  • DPP2 will be used not only by the HCA but is also available to other public sector bodies to help them streamline procurement process. By providing access to a pre-qualified list of housing developers the panel makes procurement more efficient. Access to DPP2 has also been extended to central government departments and other public sector bodies, increasing the amount of development that will be procured
  • The new panel is split into four geographical lots and aims to improve coverage and service. In view of the amount of public sector land being brought forward in the spending review period, the number of members for each lot has increased to 25 to give greater choice, flexibility and access to the market

Find out more about the Delivery Partner Panel from the HCA website.

GLA – London Development panel

Catalyst is one of 25 developers chosen to sit on the new land procurement panel. This panel was set up by the mayor to accelerate the delivery of housing in London by making it faster, easier and cheaper for public land owners to bring forward land for development.

The London Development Panel was created with the support of London Councils and establishes a framework agreement between the developers. This framework will enable public land owners to award individual contracts without having to go through a full and expensive procurement process each time.

This ‘one-stop’ route to development is expected to see the panel procure up to £5bn of housing-led mixed use development on public land over its four-year term.

Find out more about the London Development Panel from the GLA website.