Better future: reducing carbon emissions

We are working hard to reduce our carbon emissions. This is one of the main ways in which we measure our sustainability performance.

Our carbon footprint

Graphic of houses with ratingsSince 2010 we have measured how much carbon we produce from our operations. We have made good progress, reducing our emissions from electricity and gas use (Scope 1 and 2), achieving a 25% reduction in 2011. But because of more development activity, an increase in gas and electricity consumption, and more intensive use of our buildings, our scope 1 and 2 emissions grew in 2012.

We now want to be more ambitious. So, in conjunction with calculating scope 1+2 emissions this year (2012–13) we have added scope 3 – employee business travel and commuting. We have also added more buildings (our community centres for example) into this year’s calculation.


Inevitably, this will lead to a higher footprint, but it has more detail and more data. 2012–13 will therefore act as our emissions baseline from this point forward.

Under this new measure our carbon footprint stands at 551.48 tCO₂. This is the equivalent of 0.96 tonnes per employee or:

  • 266 return flights – Paris to New York
  • An extra 3,834 double-decker buses on the road
  • The same as driving 3,086,140 km (or 1,912,638 miles) by car

We will be working hard to set new targets to reduce our footprint over the next three years.

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