Meet your Neighbourhood Customer Specialist

Your Neighbourhood Customer Specialist is your point of contact at Catalyst. They will support you with all your service enquiries related to your home and neighbourhood. They’ll have access to a network of contacts who can help them get the right support for you.

They’ll work with colleagues to resolve any enquiries you may have and monitor them until your issue is resolved. If they’re unable to resolve your enquiry, they’ll explain why and advise of any other third-party service provider who may be able to support you further.

They’re responsible for your safety and will work with building safety experts to make sure Catalyst is compliant with current legislation. They’ll also make sure you understand how to be safe and secure in your home.

Important notice for our customers*

To make sure you receive the right information for your property, please enter your postcode and door number:

Not a customer and you have a question, email or call us on 0300 456 2099, Monday to Friday, 8am- 5pm. We’ll be happy to help.