Connect with your community on the HeyPeabody app

As part of the Peabody Group we’re launching an exciting new app to help you connect with us more easily and to enable you to link with others in your community.

As you know, since we joined the Peabody Group as a subsidiary in April we’ve been working more closely together with Peabody. We’re launching an exciting new pilot to get closer to our customers and enable you to connect with each other.

What is HeyPeabody?

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with app developers HeyHub, to develop a new customer and community engagement app which we’re trialling across a selection of Catalyst schemes, including Dee Park in Reading and Portobello Square and St Bernard’s Gate in London. Catalyst customers have access to the app as part of the Peabody Group.

The HeyPeabody engagement app will support you to:


Get to know your neighbours and local community.

Stay up-to-date

Learn more about the latest news in your area,

Talk to us

Speak to your Neighbourhood Customer Specialist directly.

Communal repairs

Report communal repairs in your block or estate.

Join us to test the app

We’d running a three month pilot to test the app with Dee Park, Portobello Square and St Bernard’s Gate customers to test and try the app so we understand what does and doesn’t work and to make sure it’s easy and accessible for everyone. Your feedback will support us to develop the app so our customers have the best possible experience.

What’s next

The app will be available to download in the App Store or Google Play from Thursday, 15 September.

We’ll be in touch with Dee Park, Portobello Square and St Bernard’s Gate customers in the next few weeks to let you know how you can access the app and give you more details on how it works so you can get the best out of it.

If you’d like to speak to someone about the HeyPeabody app, please contact your Neighbourhood Customer Specialist.