Capital works are repairs and improvements to the outside of your building and other parts as set out in your lease.

We are responsible for renewing and repairing the structural parts of your building, such as the roof and windows. We are also responsible for entry phones, lifts, decorations to the outside of your building and carrying out estate repairs.

When we need to consult

We are required by law to consult all our leaseholders:

  • when the cost of capital works is likely to be more than £250 per leaseholder and
  • if there is a long-term agreement which costs more than £100 per leaseholder per year

Paying for capital works

As a leaseholder you contribute towards the payment of capital works through part of your service charge, which is held in a special reserve fund. If there is not enough money in the reserve fund for all the capital works, leaseholders will be expected to pay the difference. We will work with you to provide a range of options for paying any additional costs.

We will also make sure that the work is carried out by a reputable contractor and that the costs for the works are fair and accurate.

If you would like more information about our capital works programme, please contact us.