Community development

As well as new homes, the regeneration of Wornington Green has also allowed us to deliver a huge range of community services in the neighbourhood, funding after-school clubs, helping residents secure new jobs and training and providing one-to-one support to those who may be struggling.

Since 2011/12, Catalyst has invested over £470,000 into community development projects in Kensington, and have also secured a further match funding of nearly £525,000 – a ratio of £1.22 for each £1 spent. When in-kind support such as volunteer hours is considered, the ‘leverage’ amount increases by a further £100,000.

Over the course of the regeneration, Catalyst funded projects have helped over 200 people find a new job or access accredited training, for local people living both on and off the Wornington Green estate. Our projects have also:

  • recruited and trained over 150 volunteers to help with community projects
  • delivered over 3,000 hours of free community learning, including sewing workshops, homework club, employment support and digital training workshops
  • helped over 100 local children to attend residential summer camps
  • provided over 10,000 healthy meals (per year) to local children after school and during the school holidays
  • supported the development and delivery of a 5-year health & wellbeing programme, including targeted public health campaigns and a programme of free health & wellbeing activities for local people
  • worked in partnership with several local organisations and charitable groups, including Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre, Golborne Community Champions, Goldfinger Factory, Meanwhile Gardens Community Association, North Kensington Women’s Textile Workshop, the Clement James Centre, Venture Centre, Youth Action Alliance and Wornington Green Community Group.