Portobello Square – the regeneration of Wornington Green

Our Portobello Square regeneration project at the Wornington Green estate in Kensington will deliver approximately 1000 mixed tenure new homes for social rent, private sale, and shared ownership.


Wornington Green Estate is owned and managed by Catalyst. The estate originally comprised 538 flats and houses (accommodating approximately 1,700 residents) which were constructed between 1964 and 1985 in predominantly large deck-blocks, typical of public housing of the period.

The estate in its original form had, over several decades, undergone exponential changes in an attempt to address problems arising from both its design and construction methodology; but these had failed to resolve inherent problems with access, security, poor design and layout of homes. The 2006 options appraisal concluded that the complete redevelopment of the estate was the only realistic option to ensure the delivery of better housing for residents.

Our plans

Catalyst is regenerating and remodelling the estate creating a sustainable, mixed tenure community. Portobello Square will be built in three phases delivering approximately 1,000 new homes. The key benefits of the project are:

  • No loss of social housing – all current tenants will be offered new homes in the development
  • New homes for private sale and shared ownership
  • Social housing is seamlessly integrated with the private to create a truly tenure blind development
  • Creation of shops and community facilities and improved public realm
  • Reintegrating the new neighbourhood into the surrounding street pattern
  • Re-providing the existing council-owned park in the heart of the new neighbourhood

Delivered so far

Phase 1:

  • 324 Homes (174 Social Rent, 9 Shared Ownership, 141 Private Sale)
  • 6 commercial units
  • Completed 2016

Of the 174 homes for social rent, 171 are occupied by existing households on Wornington Green. The other three were RBKC nominations for specially built homes for wheelchair users. 25 of the 171 are new tenancies for adult members of existing Wornington Green households (i.e. grown-up children) who have opted to move into a separate new home.

Phase 2a:

  • 89 Homes (58 Social Rent, 31 Private Sale)
  • Completed March 2020
  • Phase 1 of Athlone Gardens
  • Of the 58 homes for social rent, 55 are occupied by original households on Wornington Green; 15 of these are new tenancies for adult household members. Two homes were offered to RBKC, and one was used for an internal Catalyst customer move from another area.

To be delivered:

Phase 2b:

  • 230 homes (108 Social Rent, 11 Shared Ownership, 111 Private Sale)
  • Commercial Space – 668sqm
  • Start on Site – Winter/Spring 2021
  • Completion of Phase 2b North – Winter/Spring 2023
  • Completion of Phase 2b South – Winter 2024

 Phase 3

Current proposals:

  • At least 355 homes – aiming for 378
  • Over 50% affordable
  • Buildings between 5 and 15 storeys. The 15 storey building is designed to be an elegant landmark drawing the eye to the top of Portobello Road and signalling the new high quality amenity space.
  • New high quality public realm.
  • New commercial spaces.
  • Re-provided community centre building on Ladbroke Grove.
  • Extension of Portobello Road and Wornington Road up to the Barlby Roundabout, with the extension to Portobello Road being pedestrian-friendly. This will knit the neighbourhood back into the original street pattern of the surrounding area.