Rehousing options at Havelock

Details of your rehousing options at Havelock.

Can I stay as a council tenant?

You will have the option of remaining a council tenant, but only if you are prepared to move off the estate or transfer to any vacant council properties on the estate that are not being replaced as part of the regeneration. All of the new homes being built for rent and shared ownership in the neighbourhood will be owned and managed by Catalyst.

Do I have to move off the estate?

Existing secure tenants and resident leaseholders will have first priority for the new homes in the redevelopment.

However, there are a number of residents living in the first phase of works (1-80 Quaker Lane and 77–119 (odd numbers) Hillary Road) who have moved off the estate temporarily. These residents will be able to move back again during the final phase of work, or as new homes (of the right size) become available. These properties will be available as long as they are not needed by residents who have to move out of their homes for the next stage of the regeneration.

Why weren’t residents in phase 1a able to move straight into a new home on Havelock?

As each phase of housing is demolished and replaced with new homes, residents from the next phase can move straight into the new homes freeing up their current homes for demolition. The only phase where this isn’t the case is phase 1a, as there wasn’t a suitable space on Havelock to build new homes before any existing homes had been demolished.

Unfortunately, this means that residents living in properties in the first phase have needed to move away from Havelock initially. They have accepted either a permanent move to another council or housing association property, or a temporary move with opportunities to move back to Havelock when suitable homes become available in later phases.

What are my options?

We will meet every household separately to understand their housing needs and discuss their options and preferences.