New homes at Havelock

Everything you need to know about new homes at Havelock.

Will I get a brand new home?

Existing secure tenants of Ealing Council, and resident leaseholders and freeholders, will have the option of a new home on Havelock. If you are a private tenant, you will need to speak to your landlord about how you will be affected.

What size home will I get? Will it be a flat or a house?

The council and Catalyst are working with the Havelock steering group (which is made up of tenants and leaseholders from the estate) to agree a local lettings plan. This will set out the size and type of property that each existing secure tenant, who wants to stay in the area, would be offered. This will be based on housing need. Our rehousing team works with households individually well in advance of their move to understand their housing needs.

What will rents be on the new homes?

The rent of your new home will depend on the size and type of home that you are offered and when you move into it. Rents for new social rent homes will be set according to a ‘target rent’ formula that has been set by the government for councils and housing associations.

Whilst these rents may be higher than you are currently paying we expect running costs of the new homes to be less because they will be very energy efficient and cost less to heat.

Will there be a service charge for the new homes?

Your rent with Ealing Council currently includes an element for services. There will be a service charge for residents who live in flats. This will cover the cost of communal lighting, cleaning, grounds maintenance etc. There is also likely to be a small charge for those living in houses to cover services such as caretaking. The amount of service charge will depend on the level of services provided. We will consult residents about the level and type of services that we will provide.

Examples of weekly service charges on Windmill Park:

2 bed flats£8.51
4 bed houses£5.85

How much will the new houses for sale cost?

The price of the homes for sale will not be finalised until they are being built. The price will depend on type, size, location and the value of similar properties in the local area.

What about the right to buy?

Existing secure tenants will retain the right to buy their home on the same terms as were in place in December 2011.

What about the older residents living in Langdons Court and Claremont House?

Phase 1b will deliver a dedicated block of homes for people over 55, to house the residents of Langdons Court and Claremont House. The apartments will be built to high quality standards, well insulated and have large balconies. The building will have a lift and the homes will be fully accessible for wheelchair users. They will be close to the shops, community centre and bus route.

Any necessary adaptations will be made to the individual properties before people move in.

Residents will be kept fully informed of our proposals and given full assistance to move.

What about the extra costs of moving home?

Once you have moved, you will be entitled to home loss compensation. Home loss compensation is a fixed sum that is set yearly by central government: currently it is £6,300, as of 1 October 2018.

The council will also give you money to cover all reasonable moving costs including:

  • Removals
  • Carpet and curtains allowance
  • Mail redirection
  • Telephone, broadband, cable or Sky TV reconnection
  • Disconnection and reconnection of appliances
  • Any other reasonable cost associated with moving home

What will happen to leaseholders and freeholders who need to move out but can’t afford one of the new homes for sale?

The council will buy your home from you when it is needed. We are keen to encourage resident leaseholders and freeholders to buy a new home in the Havelock area but we know that there may be a difference between the value of your current home and that of a new one of the same size. This is known as a ‘value gap’. Catalyst is offering options that will help to close this ‘value gap’.

Shared equity scheme

You will be able to buy one of the new properties on Havelock of the same size as your current one by transferring the value of your current property (plus at least half of your home loss compensation) into the new property. Any ‘value gap’ will be met by Catalyst. Catalyst would then own a share of your property but you would not be required to pay any rent or interest on this share. You would also be able to buy back the share owned by Catalyst using a system of additional payments.

Shared ownership

Resident leaseholders who do not wish to take up the shared equity offer, or who want a larger property, will be able to purchase a shared ownership property either in the Havelock area or elsewhere.

In this case you would buy a share of a new home (a minimum of 35% and up to 75% of its value) and pay a rent of 2.75% on the part that you do not own.

Offsite shared equity

Resident leaseholders and freeholders may also choose to purchase a property outside of the Havelock area on a shared equity basis. In this case Catalyst would own the share of your property that you have not bought and you will be required to pay interest on this share.

This option will help leaseholders and freeholders in Phase 1a to buy a new home before the homes on the estate are ready.

What about leaseholders and freeholders who do not live in their property?

The offer to non-resident leaseholders and freeholders is different. Our priority is to keep the current community together so people who currently live on the estate are being prioritised for the new homes. Non-resident leaseholders and freeholders are encouraged to purchase new properties on the estate.