General questions on Havelock

Answers to general questions you may have about the regeneration of Havelock.

What’s happening and why?

Catalyst has been selected by Ealing Council to build 922 new homes as part of the regeneration of the Havelock estate in Southall. Catalyst, along with builders Bouygues UK, will redevelop the estate, providing brand new homes: 367 for social rent, 76 for shared equity, 35 shared ownership and 444 homes for outright sale. The regeneration will also deliver new green space, retail units and community space.

Work began on site in 2014, and is scheduled to be completed by 2026. Phase 1a of the regeneration is complete and all homes for social rent have been filled.

Why is Havelock being redeveloped?

The council’s 2008 estates review highlighted that Havelock estate needs a lot of improvements to bring it up to the government’s Decent Homes Standard.

The review identified the following issues on the estate:

  • problems with construction and design of different housing types on the estate
  • low resident satisfaction
  • anti-social behaviour and poor security
  • overcrowding

Following a public meeting in June 2008, it was agreed that the redevelopment option should be explored further. Regeneration was found to be the best way to deliver the necessary improvements, and a developer selection process began in October 2010. In May 2012 Catalyst was selected as the council’s ‘preferred developer’.

Will I have to move?

It depends where you live. Not all of the estate is being redeveloped. Some homes are not scheduled for demolition so residents can stay in these. They can still benefit from the improvements made to the neighbourhood and the opportunities offered by our communities team.

When will I have to move?

It depends where you live. The demolition and redevelopment of the estate will take place in phases with the first new homes for rent being finished in 2015 and the last ones in 2022. Here’s a table showing who will have to move when:

Phase Buildings to be demolished Provisional Timescales
2a·         Langdons Court

·         Clearmont House

·         11-14 Tensing Road

2b·         1-38 Waterside Road

·         39-53 Waterside Road

·         1-59 (odd numbers) Hillary Road

·         61-75 (odd numbers) Hillary Road

·         22-52 (even numbers) Hunt Road

·         81-108 Quaker Lane


3a·         105-139 Havelock Road

·         1-50 Damsonwood Road

·         115-120 Damsonwood Road

3b·         29-41 (odd numbers) Hunt Road

·         43-165 (odd numbers) Hunt Road

·         2-30 Swift Road

4a·         81-103 (odd numbers) Havelock Road

·         51-114 Damsonwood Road

4b·         1-99 Willowbrook Road

·         5-19 (odd numbers) Havelock Road