Questions about Catalyst

Catalyst is one of the leading housing associations in London and the south east, providing more than 32,000 homes through a wide range of rental and homeownership opportunities.

How was Catalyst chosen?

Ealing Council invited potential developers to submit initial expressions of interest in November 2010. The council worked with Havelock residents on the developer selection group on a three stage process. The process resulted in Catalyst being selected as the council’s preferred developer partner in April 2012.

How do we know Catalyst and Ealing Council will do what they are promising?

Ealing Council and Catalyst have both signed a Principal Development Agreement (PDA). This is a legally binding document, a contract, which sets outs the key responsibilities of both the council and Catalyst in carrying out the work and the key deadlines by which each stage has to be completed.

Why can’t the council regenerate the estate?

The council has limited resources and capacity available to carry out improvement works. Following the estates review in 2008, Havelock was identified as needing more than simple refurbishment to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Redevelopment was identified as the best way to bring about the necessary changes. The council does not have enough money or access to additional money to make these changes.

In order to deliver the regeneration, the council decided to seek the necessary expertise and financial resources from the housing association sector. Catalyst has the experience, access to finance, and the vision to carry out the regeneration over a number of years.

What extra benefits do Catalyst’s proposals bring?

We run community projects and provide funding to community groups. So far, we have worked with the community and a wide selection of local partner organisations to deliver major improvements in the area, including campaigns to combat litter and flytipping, and to make the towpath safer and more accessible. You can read about current initiatives in the latest By the Canal newsletter and bullet point briefing.

The proposals for Havelock include a £1m community regeneration fund with a £100,000 community chest to support community projects. The regeneration is bringing training opportunities for local people including an award-winning programme of apprenticeships in construction and housing, pre-apprenticeship training, work clubs, and English classes.