Our vision and values

In 2019, we worked with colleagues and customers to define the vision and values that underpin how we want to behave as a business. These are a central part of our corporate strategy. They are the standards we hold ourselves to, and that we invite others to hold us to as well.

We are working hard to make sure we live our vision and values in everything we do. Because without actions to back them up, they’re just words.

Our vision: earn and keep your trust

We will succeed as an organisation by earning and keeping the trust of our customers, colleagues and partners.

Trust is never accidental. The continuous commitment and hard work needed to earn and keep your trust will never stop.

Our values

Deliver on promises

  • We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it
  • We never mislead
  • We do the right thing

Give respect

  • We treat people as they want to be treated
  • We value and actively encourage diversity and inclusion
  • We treasure the planet

Be accountable

  • We do not hide from our responsibilities, as individuals or as a business
  • We acknowledge our mistakes – and fix them
  • We measure and report on our impact in open, relevant ways

Show kindness

  • We take time to understand the person as well as the problem
  • We share in people’s happiness – and sadness
  • We care

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