How we work with our partners

We work with a range of partners across our business to create affordable homes and sustainable communities.

Case study – Apsley House, Ealing

At Apsley House (Dickens Yard) in Ealing, Catalyst worked with developer, St George, to provide new flats for residents who relocated from homes they were under-occupying.

Making the best use of social housing and tackling under-occupation is increasingly important, especially in the current financial climate. Innovative schemes such as the one pioneered at Dickens Yard ensure that active, older residents are offered appropriate, well-situated accommodation. This then releases larger family homes that can be allocated to families in need.

A joint Ealing council, Catalyst and St George working group was set up to agree a strategy and plan and implement the Dickens Yard initiative, 18 months before the first occupations. This ensured that the process was agreed well in advance so we could start to work with residents to demonstrate the benefits of moving and the help available if they chose to downsize.

The level of interest in the project far exceeded expectations and offered the potential to free up nearly 250 bedrooms for much-needed family housing. Although Apsley House cannot satisfy all this demand the initiative has shown that offers such as this can help to tackle under-occupation and provide safe, accessible homes for the over 55s.